Award to Kundon Gifford, Andrea Doria, survivor and Kennedy Aide

Mr. Gifford began his many professional careers after graduating from Harvard Law School and served three years in the Navy. He has been an investment banker, real estate developer, restaurant owner, and for 20 years a driving force in promoting the health benefits and appeal of the Mediterranean diet. His father was a Republican, but […]

New York Film and Video Festival – the only place that really leaves independent filmmakers away

If you have just overcome the obstacles of making your first independent film, the experience of finding festivals and distributions for your project can be daunting. Festival A-List is frequently promoted by the Hollywood star of Who's the First Choice for Independent Filmmakers. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most difficult films for small […]

Yellow Page Advertising Tips For Phoenix Businesses

I have been working as a Yellow Pages consultant for 25 years in the Greater Phoenix area. The city has a unique set of challenges that many other big cities don't face. For example, the weather is the worst in the country. Summer can average 110 degrees throughout the month. Thus, the air-conditioning business flourishes […]

Flight from BOS to PDX – Flights from Boston to Portland? This is a guide for airlines and airlines

How does one travel from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast? Many choose to fly from Boston Logan International, one of the main airports in New England, and head to cities like Portland. Flights from BOS to PDX are among the cheapest, and some airlines offer great deals on this […]

Running the stairs in Los Angeles – Get a nice lift and push button

There really is no way to "ski" or "slip" (except for your blond slippers) to head to the lower torso, other than to push yourself beyond your comfort zone – apart from the easy road. If it were, we would all moan because we spend all day watching women with amazing cakes and thighs. While […]

American hippies – Abe Vaughan – seized by the assassinated

He told the people that Abe Vergner was an Eastern pirate / bootlegger who had made himself a high-quality Jewish hoodie, the Kredith. Dropper was a Jewish gang leader in New York City who bought his own ranch in 1923. Wagner, thinking he was a tough guy, picked up the son of Italian king Joe […]