Investing in a New York City hotel apartment at the Libby Hotel

Investing in Manhattan real estate has become a must for any real, growing and growing real estate investor alike. Real estate in Manhattan is keeping its value as 2012 brings more foreign investment, favorable interest rates and declining inventories. A recent industry analysis found that real estate investment in Manhattan is doing better than those in comparable metropolitan cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Although foreign investment in Manhattan real estate has grown this year, accounting for nearly 9 percent of all sales, Americans are investing in Manhattan. This year, 7 out of 12 real estate investments have been made by Americans.

When it comes to the real estate market, who will turn away the opportunity to invest in real estate that is not only safe but also part of Manhattan history. That thought really spurred Unity buyers in the Lobby Hotel, located at 11 East 56th Street in New York City. Located in the heart of downtown Lai, the luxurious city center is located a short distance from the famous Manhattan locations such as Central Park, Drama District, and designer design shop. Most suites at the hotel are owned by individuals and leased to tourists. With only 162 rooms and suites, spread over 22 floors, the Liberty Hotel feels spacious and modern. Investors or individuals looking for attractive Manhattan skyline on the Libby Hotel. Two daily river cruises make carefree living.

The Libby Hotel combines the charm and luxury of the ancient world. This should be expected considering its legacy. Built in 1926 by the great newspaper editor William Randolph Hearst, the Lombardy Hotel is a gift to Brandon Davies. Davis is the star of Hyde's silent and famous movie. The beautiful stone facade of the Laibre Hotel and the exterior symbolize his respect for her. Today, Libji’s ancient limestone designs are seemingly proud against a steel background. It is still a statement building. Inside the living room there is a sandstone that welcomes visitors through its Mama Ghani stairs. Ancient pieces of art and mirrors line the living room wall. Luxury Hotel Lounge features a range of amenities such as gyms, business centers and spas. Anyone wishing to live or invest in a hotel apartment should contact their exclusive broker, the Wald Real Estate, at the Hotel Lei.

Rooms currently owned but not occupied can be rented to tourists and short-term guests. Reviews of thousands of travel websites and hotels online show a Lombardy rating between 4 and 5 stars. Those who visit are overwhelmed by the size of the small room and the smart service of the staff. The suite with the kitchen in particular appeals to hotel guests who can rent these spacious rooms at a rate 30% lower (depending on the season) than the standard Manhattan hotel rates.

The profits collected by investors combined with the cost of subsidies for running a hotel in this way has made the Libby Hotel a successful investment in real estate. Other hotels in Manhattan followed suit. Direct and current owners ’options are also available at hotels such as Gainwood, Woodley Castle and Rit-Carlton.

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