The Sacramento Kings Pro basketball team launches crypto collectibles

The Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team has partnered with CryptoKaiju to launch a crypto collectivization.

In a press release on October 16, Sacramento Kings announced a new collaboration with CryptoKaiju-based toy maker Kaiju. The companies will release 100 limited edition collectible toys in Kaijo during the 2019-2020 basketball season.

There is every fungal mark in each collection, which means no one is the same. 15 of these toys come with unique experiences or prizes, such as hall seats, VIP tours, and decorated items, among others. Ryan Montoya, CFO of Sacramento Kings, said:


“We are delighted to experience unique limited-edition collectibles and exciting experiences for our unique fans. We are always looking for ways to improve fan interaction, and this partnership with CryptoKaiju is an exciting opportunity to continue using technology that provides innovative products and content to our fans.”

The collaboration comes during the news last week that the NBA basketball team is launching a blockchain rewards program with its Call Shot game app, which will also be available for the upcoming season.

Kings Sacramento already received Bitcoin in 2014
After partnering with the major payment processor Cryptocurrency BitPay, the NBA basketball team became one of the first sports teams evaluated by Bitcoin (BTC) in 2014 for its team store. Matching tickets and goods.

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