Starwood Hotels says it’s exploring strategic alternatives

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Starwood Hotels says it's exploring strategic alternatives
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide HOT -0.25% said Wednesday it's exploring strategic and financial alternatives and “no option is off the table.” Shares of Starwood, which owns the St. Regis and Sheraton hotel brands, rose following the announcement.
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What Hotels can Learn from Airbnb's Design and User Experience.
With this pace of growth, analysts suspect that it will surpass rival HomeAway's revenues by 2016 or 2017. So what's powering Airbnb's meteoric growth? You can point to many different factors, fromthe shifting travel preferences of Millennials, to its …
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No sale yet for Duluth-based ZMC hotels
The Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park is among 28 hotels owned by Duluth-based ZMC Hotels that have been for sale since October. It's an all-or-nothing offering. (Steve Kuchera / …
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Yay, downtown Sacramento gets a Kimpton Hotel. What’s a Kimpton?

Yay, downtown Sacramento gets a Kimpton Hotel. What's a Kimpton?
The hotel tower planned across from the new downtown arena will be operated by boutique brand Kimpton Hotels. Kimpton doesn't put its name on its hotels. Instead, it uses mostly unique local names, including Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco's Union …
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11 new downtown hotels will nearly double rooms
If all are built as planned, 11 new hotels going up in Miami's central business district over the next three years will nearly double the number of hotel rooms – from the current 3,632 to 6,640. Of these, the largest, and also furthest out from …
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Airlines can benefit considerably financially from onboard duty free sales. While embedded in-flight

entertainment systems are commonly used to inform passengers of what’s available to purchase, there still
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remains an important role for the printed duty free magazine.

Even with great in-flight entertainment available onboard such as movies, TV shows and music, there will

inevitably be moments during a flight when passengers have time on their hands to read printed publications

including the inflight duty free magazine.
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For passengers, duty free magazines provide a valuable resource for describing what products can be purchased

and what great savings can be made. A high quality, well designed printed magazine provides a great
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opportunity to promote your full range of available products – from jewellery, watches and perfumes to

spirits, cigarettes and gifts such as wallets, belts and designer sunglasses.
What LGBT Travelers Want Out of Hotels
The boutique hotel company Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants—recently acquired by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)—came in third (16 percent), while Hyatt and the W Hotels brand (courtesy of Starwood Hotels & Resorts) rounded out the top five (14 …
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Cryptocurrency experts told Business Insider that backers of SegWit2X were most likely dumping their bitcoin and jumping on the bitcoin-cash bandwagon. Like SegWit2X, bitcoin cash was conceived to help bitcoin scale faster by increasing the size of its blocks.
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“When you look at the trends, it does look like many SegWit2X supporters have switched to bitcoin cash,” Abhishek Pitti, the CEO of Nucleus Vision, told Business Insider.

High Luxury In The Middle Of Nowhere: The Tierra Hotels In Chile

High Luxury In The Middle Of Nowhere: The Tierra Hotels In Chile
I’ve been a travel writer and editor for 13 years – including several as a senior editor at ForbesLife – and I’ve written about more than 400 luxury destinations and hotels in 70 countries (and counting). I know the difference between what’s merely …
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Vintage Works: Behind Le Meridien Hotels‘ newest Instagram contest
Vintage Works: Behind Le Meridien Hotels’ newest Instagram contest. Published: April 13, 2015. Advertisement. Los Angeles-based photographer Gray Malin typically injects a playful spirit in his imagery with a retro sense of glamour from the …

4. Spa, wellness and other facilities: The holiday rentals take into account these additional features which

actually leave you spellbound.

Locking in your Fare in advance of Payment
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When booking a flight you can reserve and lock in your price for 24 hours or more without payment depending

on the flight being booked. This works when booking direct with the airline or with your Travel Agent. This

won’t necessarily work if booking your own fare online. At the time of making the reservation you must

provide your exact name as it is on your passport or government ID. Names cannot be changed and if it’s wrong

the reservation would be canceled starting back at the beginning looking for a new fare likely at a new more

expensive price. This process gives you 24 hours or more to decide if that’s the flight you want before

making payment. Remember that any requested changes during that time will cancel the reservation and start

you back at the beginning with new information.
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Prices do change quickly in the airline industry depending on the volumes booked on the flights. Booking last

minute will likely cost you a lot more than booking 2 to 3 weeks out. When you get a good quote on the flight

you want lock it in while you make a decision rather than losing out on the price while you decide.


Fast Check-In and Checkout Procedure:
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Waiting in a long queue even when you are paying extra money for leisure and comfort is just not expected in

a luxurious hotel. Spending half of the day in the check-in and checkout line is something that makes the

travelers most frustrated. Hotels should have roaming salesmen on the floor that would do the entire check-in

and checkout process on their iPads.

The Perfect Room:

They should offer you a room of your choice, something that you actually wished to stay in. A good luxurious

hotel will always accommodate your requests about:
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• Category of the room

• Physical site like near the lobby or with a water view, first floor or ground, close to the elevators or

away from the generators.

• Special amenities like king size beds or something else

Special Features of a Luxurious Hotel Room:

A luxurious hotel room must come with special features. The list is very long, but here are some of essential

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• The rooms should look lovely and fully furnished with high-quality and latest design furniture, reading

lamps, and torches.

• Rooms should contain a sufficient number of slippers and bathrobe in stock.

No longer will you have to wait for the right time to travel, because with easy access to tickets for anyone and everyone who loves to travel, traveling has become one of the most sought-after affair in the running world. When you are surrounded by the pressure and stress is your only companion; Nothing has the ability to cheer you up more than a good holiday. go; to get, because you’re not cheaper than this to get your tickets.
Finally good times come flying at you, no matter where you are! Get packing to travel to your dream destination is as easy as cake walk and that of your favorite flavor. With so many options to choose from, it is very easy to plan a vacation beaten beaten on hollow to paradise country. Forget the problems deadlines making you for a while, because now is the time to open up and have fun! And for having fun you’re planning a trip to your favorite destination. Now you do not have to worry about spending more on your airline tickets and can be found on the Internet and save more great deals. You can bargain for your airline tickets if you buy from intermediaries airline websites and compare their tickets and book looking for the best deal.
4. Consider services offered. A holiday is supposed to be lots of fun and additional services during your

stay can be quite beneficial. They will give you time to enjoy your destination. Some of the services you can

find helpful include babysitting, laundry and cleaning. If you wish to enjoy such, make sure your hotel does

offer them to keep disappointments at bay.
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5. The number of stars. Hotels are categorized in 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. The more the stars the

better the quality of the hotel and the more expensive it is likely to be. The kind of holiday you have in

mind can help you choose the best level. Are you looking for something luxurious or something economical? It

is here that you get to make the choice.

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6. Consider complimentary breakfast. It can make a huge difference in your holiday budget, especially when

you are staying with family. It can be costly to buy breakfast for a large family hence a hotel offering

complimentary breakfast can be a great choice to save you money. If this is not available, consider making

your breakfast to save some money.

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7. Consider pet friendliness. If you are going on a family holiday, you will most likely also bring your pet

along. Not all hotels accommodate pets and it is important to find out before making any reservations for the

holiday. If it does offer the services, find out if you will need to make extra charges for cleaning and

other pet services.

5. Dining Events and Activities: Delicious exotic food that pertains to the taste of the local places where

the villas and holiday rentals are situated will leave you wanting for more. Of course there are provisions

for the various other multi-cuisines from all over the world. Often there are various events especially

during festive seasons that amplify the fun quotient of holidaying taking it to a new level altogether.

So before jumping on your much prized destination, you need to do your homework. Go through the various

portfolios of the different luxury holiday rentals that you short list.

There are portfolios of exceptional rental properties located throughout the destination you wish to visit

and settle for the one where the service is really good to help you through any difficulty at any point of

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There are staying places that range from luxurious ocean front apartments to private residences or villas

situated that are in sync with the most exclusive developments and resort communities.

So what makes so special?

After using so many different hotel reservation companies, I’ve noticed that all the hotel rates are on average are roughly the same give

or take a few dollars. Agoda’s room rates too are on par with the rest of their competitors. However, Agoda has a rewards point system

which you can earn for room discounts and free nights.
This is the biggest advantage Agoda has over their competitors. You can earn points automatically. From 4% – 7% of your room price.

Sometimes there are special offers where you can earn more. The minimum points you need for example a $25USD discount is 12,500 points and

that’s easy to make if you spend about $625 USD, which is easy what most people already spend for a hotel stay.

You can either use up those points or save them up like I do for an even bigger discount and free nights.

The benefits of using Agoda doesn’t end there. You can earn an easy 500 reward points for submitting a review of the hotel you you stayed

in. Agoda heavily relies on guest reviews so they want to give them an incentive. It’s easy to submit a review and wouldn’t take more than

five minutes. You usually get an email from Agoda within 2 weeks after check out, asking for your review. As you can see as a frequent

customer of Agoda, your points can quickly add up.

The best part is that this website brings the results from over 30 popular online hotel reservation systems to give the best of all worlds.

It shows a comparison of hotel prices offered on each hotel reservation system of which that hotel is a part of. Once you click on the

hotel, you will see the prices offered by sites like,,,,,,,,, and many more. Apart from the

prices you can also see complete hotel details, pictures of rooms and the facilities, reviews by other members, and the map to the hotel –

all at one place.

Once you select the hotel rate, from among the various prices offered by multiple reservation systems, and click “select”, the website

takes you to the booking page of the respective hotel reservation system. For instance, while searching for hotels in Paris, you liked the

deal offered by over the other systems and you clicked on it, then you would be taken to the booking page of

website, so that you can go through the payment gateway securely.

After spending a few hours on Trip Advisor, I found the perfect hotel for us:
trip advisor The Best Western Spring House Hotel, located very close to the Vatican

and a metro stop. Great! The location issue was resolved. Moreover, our room not only had a shower and a tub, the tub had Jacuzzi jets!

Don’t picture a luxury Jacuzzi bath. Picture a normal sized tub with jets. Let me tell you! After all the walking we did, that tub got lots

of use. What about the free breakfast? Every morning, we enjoyed the most delicious breakfast buffet with breads, meats, cheeses, muffins,

boiled eggs, yogurt, juice, and coffee. Don’t forget to pack sandwich bags. That’s how we avoided buying lunch! How much did we save on our

hotel by traveling in January instead of July? Over 200 Euros!

In contrast to hotel rooms with restricted space, these extravagant vacations rentals offer you luxurious

space both indoor and outdoor with no compromise on security. In fact, some of these extravagant properties

are in the most posh locations and have eight rooms or even more, mind you these rooms are very spacious.

Such rental properties make for the most ideal getaway for those people that are looking for space and all

the trimmings of luxury. Also, these rentals provide all their guests with privacy which is very important

because you are there with the people that are most close to you and would want to enjoy it without the world

bothering you.
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The top luxury vacation rentals are located in the best holiday spots and in the most posh locations around

the globe. This is primarily because these areas are most frequently visited by those people that look for

extravagant accommodations.

Different Types
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Like AirAsia, other global operators also come up with their customized schemes, every now and then, to meet

the demand of target passengers. Most carriers give direct benefits to fliers by offering a certain

percentage of discounts on the total cost of reservation. Many a time, they simply announce the absolute cost

on various routes.
check in frontier site These discounts are beneficial for people, who are not frequent fliers as they get tickets

at slashed prices. However, while making bookings under these schemes, other scheme-related benefits cannot

be clubbed.

Apart from these discounts, airlines also offer extra miles points while booking or give vouchers, which are

valid for the next purchase. For instance, if an airline credits 1 point per mile, it can offer 1.5 or 2

miles under the scheme.
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These miles prove to be quite handy for seat or class upgrade. In case of coupons, a code is given to fliers

that authorises them to avail discounts. Travellers have to input specific characters mentioned on the coupon

while booking a ticket afterwards. The amount of discount is usually rational to the current purchase. As

these relaxations are given on the next purchase, it is more suitable for people who have to travel quite

often, so that they can avail these cheap domestic or international flight offers.
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In addition to the schemes announced by carriers, travellers can reduce the cost of their tickets even

further by availing discounts offered by popular travel portals.

4. Shop for hotel accommodations online, but it’s also a good idea if you call the hotels directly. Often

when you contact the hotel directly you will get a low price particularly at the last minute. For example,

the last time I traveled to Singapore for a short business travel I convinced the hotel to charge me for my

half day stay only since I arrived late in night and had to leave in the morning for the meeting.
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5. You can buy miles or use your credit card to give you miles. With the help of miles you can pay for hotel

expenses or dining expenditure. Since my printing business requires paying huge printing bills we pay them

off through the credit cards this means we get thousands of frequent fl-0ijn yer miles racked up. So use your

credit card to get extra miles which you can use for bearing the other travel expenditure.

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6. Use your frequent flyer miles to cover expensive business trips. If you are planning to travel on an

expensive business trip then its suggested that you use your frequent flyer miles as you never know your

traveling dates can be among the peal traveling dates.

Traveling is a fun activity for some travelers, but for a few it’s a pretty daunting task, especially if you

are traveling with a three or four year old. When you are traveling with children you need to be patient and

should know a few old tricks through which you can keep him entertained during the flight.
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When I last traveled with my three year old, I booked my last minute business class seat as it is more comfy

and has other facilities as compared to the economy cabin. Here are a few tips which I follow when traveling

with my little one to make the flight easy and comfortable for both of us.

Be Prepared:

When you are traveling with a kid, be realistic you need to be prepared for the worst kind of situation. Kids

throw tantrums often so you never know when one is coming, be prepared for such a situation with engaging

activity books and toys to keep your child busy on the flight.

Set Your Toddler Free:

Kids love to explore – so whether you are at the airport or in the flight they are plenty of things for your

child to explore. If your flight gets delayed or there is time for your flight to departure try to leave your

child a little free so they can explore the waiting lounge themselves, this will keep them happy and busy.

New York! It’s time to Party!
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NYC has been witnessing an influx of the tourists from all across the globe that choose to immerse themselves

in the best of the city. Recognized as the most densely inhabited city in the United States, the city

experiences a huge flock of the tourists that never get enough of the city. This is due to the fact that

there is so much to do and see that people generally run short of time. No matter how many times you travel

to the city, you just can’t get enough of the Big Apple.
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New York City, in fact, has been playing a very imperative role in enticing many vacationers from far and

wide and it can be regarded as a centre for financial, educational, commercial and cultural activities taking

place in the city.

Why should you compare flights tickets to New York?

Many travel comparison websites can be made contact with in order to find a cheap flight, but you should put

your faith in the one which is genuine and professional. It is therefore necessary that you compare flight

tickets to New York so as to be able to choose the one which does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Some of the major airports in the UK operate varied flights to New York are London, Newcastle, Glasgow,

Birmingham and Edinburgh. You can also take flights to New York from Manchester departing from Manchester

International Airport MIA.

flight booking spirit airlines
– For flight distance up to 1500 km, where the passenger has experienced a delay of 3 hours or more, the

compensation amount stands at Euros 250.

– For flight distance over 3500 km, where the passenger has experienced a delay of between 3 and 4 hours, the

flight delay compensation amount stands at Euros 300.

– For flight distance above 1500 km and up to 3500 km, where the passenger has experienced a delay of over 3

hours, the flight delay compensation amount stands at Euros 400.

– For flight distance over 3500 km, where the passenger has experienced a delay of 4 hours or more, the

flight delay compensation amount stands at Euros 600.

The airline has obligations to fulfil during the waiting period for the flight

The passenger is entitled to certain privileges whilst he/she is waiting at the airport for a delayed flight.

If the delay spans more than two hours, the airline company is obliged to give the waiting passengers, meals

and refreshments free of cost, plus hotel accommodation and transportation to the hotel if the passenger has

to wait overnight. Apart from this, the airline is also obligated to make arrangements for two phone calls or

emails for each passenger.

Earn Reward Miles On Every Dollar You Spend:
Usually, I make sure that when I’m shopping I get more than one mile on every dollar that I spend, this I

simply achieve by shopping through credit cards. For example, if I shop at Target and suppose they give three

points on every dollar that I spend and I have done shopping of $60 so this means that I earn 180 free reward


Dining Programs:
Nowadays there are many credit card companies that allow you to register for dining programs. Many of us

don’t fly frequently to keep on stacking frequent flyer miles, but here is the good part you can register for

dining programs and earn free miles on every dollar you spend on your meal.

Bonuses And Promotions:
Hotels and airlines from time to time offer promotions and bonuses on certain rooms and routes. These offers

are pretty amazing but are for a limited period of time, so signup for the newsletters of airlines and hotels

because such bonuses and promotions are always updated there.

official site reservations
The whole idea of earning miles through different activities apart from flying is good and once you buy

reward miles or earn them for free with time you will become pro at it.

Learn About Foreign Exchange Rates

Finding cheap international air ticket is not only concern as planning a tour involves comparison and

evaluation of its each element. This includes booking hotels, eating, shopping and a number of other

activities during the tour. Hence, the foreign exchange rate plays an important role in taking decisions

regarding the place to visited. Lower the exchange rate, higher the value of money and hence, visiting such

places can be economical.

Explore the Unexplored
destinations allegiant official site
As the cost of goods and services in any industry are decided on the basis demand and supply factors. Hence,

the cost of services at popular tourist places is usually high. Industry experts advise on choosing less

explored places to save great deal of money.

Avoid Peak Seasons
deals and offers continental
Travellers are suggested to plan their trip in lean seasons because demand is quite high in months of

December and January as it is peak tourist season and getting cheap international air ticket booking can be a

tough task. However, it may vary from one place to another and travellers can opt for the travel time when

the cost of services is relatively low.

Two New Park Inn by Radisson Hotels Announced for Saudi Arabia in Makkah

Two New Park Inn by Radisson Hotels Announced for Saudi Arabia in Makkah
The Park Inn by Radisson hotels in Makkah and Najran will be operated by The Rezidor Hotel Group. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group includes more than 1,350 hotels in operation and under development totaling 180,000 rooms and a footprint spanning 105 …
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Destination Hotels Partners With Nest Fragrances on Amenities
"The Nest brand aligned well with the Destination Hotels brand," Marie Torres, Destination's VP of Marketing, told Condé Nast Traveler. "It's a luxury brand that appeals to the independent traveler and is truly unique and authentic with a genuine story …
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Committee to consider additions to two Ventura hotels
VENTURA, Calif. – The city of Ventura's Design Review Committee will consider changes to two hotels when it meets Wednesday. Full story available to subscribers only. Log in | Subscribe Already a subscriber? Activate. A Share. A A A. Share Article …
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Lagos Island Hotels Go for Room Rate Reduction

Lagos Island Hotels Go for Room Rate Reduction
A number of hotels located in Ikoyi, Lagos Island have reduced their room rates to attract more guests. The rate reduction ranges from 40 to 4 percent as displayed on a hotel booking site, Jovago. The West wood hotel Ikoyi, which formally charged …
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New Jersey's hotels not eco-friendly, despite incentives
Donna Albano, who teaches in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies program, conducted audits on seven hotels in a partnership with the state. She shared her findings with hoteliers last month at the Business at the Beach Expo in Wildwood.
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Why Chicago hotels are worried about 2016
So far for next year, Chicago has booked 31 “citywide” conventions—gatherings that fill 3,000 or more room nights on their busiest night each and account for about half of all hotel stays here. That's down from 41 this year and 35 last year. The …
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Will Hyatt Hotels (H) Surprise Earnings Estimates in Q1?

Will Hyatt Hotels (H) Surprise Earnings Estimates in Q1?
Leading hotelier Hyatt Hotels Corporation (H – Snapshot Report) is set to report first quarter 2015 results on May 5, 2015, before the market opens. Last quarter, the company posted a positive earnings surprise of 40.9%. Let's see how things are …

Dorchester Hotel death: Two arrested after 'wealthy Arab' man found dead in
The Dorchester describes itself as "one of the world's most iconic hotels" and a favourite choice of celebrities, world leaders and royalty. Last year it was targeted twice in smash and grab raids by moped-riding gangs, who broke into display cabinets …

7 historic buildings that were turned into hotels, restaurants and bars
Memphis has finally found a new use for its iconic Pyramid landmark. The Pyramid, which used to be a regular venue for basketballs games and concerts, is now a Bass Pro Shop. The venue closed down in 2004, and 11 years later it'll host a hotel, a …
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Visa was required to get from Hong Kong's airport to hotel
Q:On my recent trip to Southeast Asia, I needed to spend the night in Hong Kong en route to Hanoi, Vietnam. I looked up hotels near the Hong Kong International Airport on and found the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai listed under the category …
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North Carolina coast: the best beaches, hotels and restaurants
North Carolina coast: the best beaches, hotels and restaurants. With its white beaches, warm sea and crab shacks, the North Carolina coast rivals the Caribbean. Douglas Rogers picks its most alluring resorts, plus great places to eat and sleep …
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Equinox Fitness Clubs Expand to Hotels
Equinox Holdings Inc., which helped usher in an era of upscale gyms and premium membership prices, is hoping to make a similar formula work in the luxury hotel market. The New York company that runs Equinox fitness clubs is launching a hospitality …
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Forget Flying, Earn Airline Miles Through Booking Hotels

Forget Flying, Earn Airline Miles Through Booking Hotels
Interested in earning extra airline miles? Forget credit cards or actually flying, two new websites offer miles for booking hotel accommodation through their platforms. Meet PointsHound and Rocketmiles, the travel hacker's dream platform that caters to …
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Luxury Proliferation: A New Hotel In Charleston, South Carolina
Luxury, near luxury and high-end lifestyle hotels are popping up like spring flowers all over the place, and not just in global capitals. These new hotels provide a great enticement to explore places you may not have had on your bucket list. Within the …
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Choice Hotels Fills IT Vacancies with Job Fairs
Choice Hotels International Inc.CHH -1.99% is hosting a career fair Wednesday in Phoenix, Ariz., seeking to bolster its IT staff in an industry that is increasingly relying on digital technologies to interact with guests. The chain, whose brands …
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Downtown Dallas' historic Statler Hilton hotel will soon fly Hilton flag again
“It will be a four-star quality hotel.” Hilton will market the hotel portion of the project when it's finished as one of its Curio hotels – a new chain of historic and luxury hotels. “Known as the first modern American hotel, the Statler not only made …
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Luxury hotels in China under fire after video footage shows staff using the

Luxury hotels in China under fire after video footage shows staff using the
The cleanliness of top hotels in China have been called into question after staff were accused of using the same cloths to wipe toilets and drinking glasses. Video footage has emerged of cleaners at Binjiang Long Sheraton Hotel and the JW Marriott …
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Three Portland Hotels Stock Local Sprits and Offer Distillery Packages
The hotel rooms will be stocked with Burnside Bourbon and Below Deck Spiced Rum from the established Eastside Distilling and Union Gin and D.L. Franklin vodka from upstart Dogwood Distilling. Eastside Distilling and Dogwood Distilling have won many …
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Georgia > Nightly $5 Fee Seen as Issue for Hotels

Georgia > Nightly Fee Seen as Issue for Hotels
ATLANTA — Georgia hospitality heavyweights have launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to soften the sting of a new nightly $ 5 fee tacked on to hotel and motel stays that will fund transportation improvements. They are already lobbying Gov. Nathan Deal …

A look at what remains of one Fifth Avenue's premier hotels
But as the elite moved uptown and competition from even more luxurious hotels like the original Waldorf Astoria became more intense, the hotel passed into history. But unlike many of its betters, Holland House still stands — marble staircases and …
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Red lion hotels to buy two economy, mid-scale brands
Red Lion Hotels Corporation today announced that it will acquire two hotel economy and mid-scale brands, greatly expanding its U.S. presence. Red Lion has entered into an agreement to buy GuestHouse International and Settle Inn and Suites for $ 8.5 …
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Constellation Agrees to Purchase Maybourne Hotel Stake
Qatar's Constellation Hotels Group agreed to buy a 64 percent stake in the company that owns London's Claridges hotel from billionaire brothers David and Frederick Barclay, according to a statement. The deal ends a four-year battle for control of …
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Angola to Have 25 More Hotels Soon
Paulino Baptista was speaking at the inauguration of the Skyna Lisboa Hotel of the Angolan group Skina Hotels. Paulino Baptista, who would not mention the precise timeframe, said that the units will be inaugurated under the celebrations of the 40th …